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Anthems of Extinction

by Carnival of Flesh

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Erik L Scarlet
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Erik L Scarlet The whole album is amazingly put together, the mix is perfect. Angst is a track that speaks to me . This track is definitely being added to the track rotation on my show.
Eat Sleep And Breathe Metal \m/ Favorite track: Angst.
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Angst 04:17
Starting yet another day with the gusts of fright Will you ever in your life experience delight? Between a flirt with suicide and watching the world melt You can’t but keep on questioning the cards that you’ve been dealt The whole world is up in flames And not for your gains Here comes existential dread Don’t you wish you were dead? It’s all in your head The waters are tainted with blood To please the new god Divinity of death unfolds Our hopes and our dreams are enchained But we're entertained To anguish, we’re keenly attuned By grief, we’re consumed To preserve our habitat you solemnly implore But what you find on your path is another bolted door You’ve seen it all before Dedicating all your life to exploring new frontiers Capturing them in your mind, before they disappear The end is coming near The waters are tainted with blood To please the new god Why isn’t he glad? The terrors are starting again The acts inhumane Is this all in vain? Bask in pain Grip your chain Bask in pain Slit your veins
The One 04:07
Gaze at the stars With the cosmic privilege, this planet shall be ours Groom their brains Eradicate the notion of all but your own gains Make the mould With acts of inhumanity and stories yet untold Give no ease Through constant fear-mongering and agents of disease Raise up to the skies Develop a religion on the throne of lies Where everybody dies Start your grand campaign Promise all the change yet keep everything the same Then start it all again Address the herd, ecstatically In your nascent reign Like a roving vagabond Rambling with no aim Disarray — is the only given way To keep you safe in power For yet another day Mend their scars For it is a grand privilege to keep the realm from harms Fan the flame Of hatred towards anyone who smears your holy name Declare a war On freedom, self-identity and independent thought Heed the horde Savour the bewilderment and choirs of discord Express your care, dramatically For all those who abstain But remind them, equally That you’re here to remain Now you’ve captured everyone, between the love and fear A glimpse of your face is what they all hold dear You are now their everything, their family and friend They will follow, loyally, even when they’re dead Your tight rule is recognised as a work of art Anyone who disagrees will quickly depart You are the most eloquent, so deep and so profound When the cycle is complete, go start another round
Ride on the wave of ignorance and fear Far from the shore that’s soon to disappear Start another war, like you’ve never seen before Blaze all the grounds and revel in absurdity once more Emerge out of your cave Tint your blood with the hate Obey Servants of insanity are flocking to the gate Erase the crowds Embrace the sound of the end Pray for the world Even if only to pretend Bring the peace With your toxins and disease Release us all From free will and morale Decree a mandate To consume and fornicate Soothe the soul With ultimate control Spread the word Life is absurd In this world you’ll suffer But eternal slumber Will come once you Rise from the flames of deliverance and tears Shout at the world — The end is coming near Reap all the seeds of hatred and deceit Wear your new crown and admire your sick monarchy complete Ride on the wave of ignorance and fear Far from the shore that’s soon to disappear Start another war, like you’ve never seen before Blaze all the grounds and revel in absurdity once more
Economy of fear The future is unclear Markets of despair It’s time for a new affair Starting out on the sly A rebellious entity has formed Walking out to the plains To try and end your sovereign rule again Violence Vehemence Malevolence Deafening sound Shatters the ground Teargas and dust Fanfares of war Amidst all the haze And the seas of tears The stage is being set And the message is so clear Those meant to protect Have turned onto their own Their only request Is to break your every bone And if you end up dead That would be a disgrace Your family and friends Would vanish without a trace Now you’re running for your life Like many times before All you wanted was a change Not another war Thoughts of the rebellion Quickly start to fade When your life is on the line A choice has to be made Prevalence Obedience Blessedness Opulence The mighty regime The victory supreme Disobedient disgrace Has been put into their place Never again Will we march in the plains The sorrows of this world Will culminate in pain Again
Swipe away All the feelings of yesterday Wear the mask To prove that you’re up to the task Raise the shield Your true self can’t be revealed Go to war As so many times before Switch the tears For success and career But as you lay All colours turn to grey Maybe one fine day You will allow yourself A new emotion Swipe away For it is a brand new day It feels like time is slowing Unknowing I slowly went insane It feels like time is slowing Unknowing I slowly went insane The night transcends the day The solar winds are blowing Ongoing My heart was left ablaze The solar winds are blowing Ongoing My heart was left ablaze Now filling with dismay The deepest scars are showing They’re growing I welcomed endless pain The deepest scars are showing They’re growing I welcomed endless pain The day you walked away
Rapacity 09:05
Harvest all the resources, convert them all to fuel Trigger mass extinction in the manner most cruel Pollutants in the waterways and toxins in the air Our endemic habitat is now beyond repair The atmosphere burns Should we be concerned? Or should we have no Complaints? Decisions unwise Dictate the demise The time’s running out For games In this carbon prison The plagues we gladly receive Wildly shifting seasons What more do you need to believe? Believe And grieve We’re swiftly caving under Releasing a woeful sigh While feeling constant hunger We’re deeply in denial A case of moral blunder Instilled voracious ways May pillage, rape and plunder Bring forth the end of days The sound of roaring thunder Conceals a glaring lie With glaciers torn asunder The land is left to dry The noise is getting louder Eruptions blast for days The clouds of toxic powder Are setting us ablaze The fire still burns Envelops the world Unites us again In flames Vermilion skies The nature’s last cries Nothing but death Remains Impurity of reason Begat the end of the world The world Aeons long Everlasting song Undone The penalty For rapacity Has come
Open the arteries Of all the enemies Fulfil the prophecy Which is your legacy Have no anxieties On path of clarity Purge all the vanity Establish serenity Now! Slashing your way through the oncoming swarm Of people in exile, beneath your social norm Clearing the path to your secret estate Where means of salvation for you still dearly wait Open the arteries Of friends and family Safe will only be Elite society Close the door To hear them no more Bask in despise Of a species left to die Take one last glance At the people left to chance Increase their gloom With your ship’s exhaust fumes Now it’s time to leave Time to make the great escape Fly away Burning all the fuel Leave behind this ruined world Reach the skies Or stay and die
Liberation 03:46
Pray for deliverance Pray for our souls’ immortality No obedience Pray that one day we’ll all be free From incompetence Free from our broken society Free from diffidence Free to end this misery Be free Escape With me We’re the plague This truth you can’t ignore There’s one way To undo what we have done before Leave no trail To be found Nevermore So we are found Nevermore Rise above the overwhelming pain Wash the guilt in the acid rain As we melt under the midnight moon We're pure No more reverence Free from our shackled morality No more bitterness Free from this sombre reality
All that burned has turned to ash Not a drop left of seven seas History’s reduced to dust There’s no trace we were ever here All these worlds are barren and cold All these worlds spiral out of control Heading for the endless void On the end of celestial course Agonies have now long passed Devoid of life came the time of peace Gradually we decayed ourselves Into nothing All these words are echoes of souls All these words are better untold Mimicries of times of old The last breath of the universe As the space folds over time In eternal rest may this planet lie


released November 1, 2021


all rights reserved



Carnival of Flesh Belgrade, Serbia

All Must Die

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